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Boys Volleyball
Boys Volleyball
Boys Volleyball


Silver State Boys Volleyball believes that we can be part of the grassroots effort to bring boys volleyball to northern Nevada. As part of that effort we offer multiple options for Boys looking to improve their volleyball skills

Boys Clinics

Many of our camps and clinics are open to boys 10-16 years of age. Some of our programs are described by skill level where players should attend the camp that best fits their ability. Other programs are described by age. It is typically safe to assume that boys can play with girls two years older than themselves. Click here for clinic

Boys Sand

Boys 10-16 years old are welcome to take part in our sand program in the beginner/intermediate and advanced group depending on their skill level. The men's net is higher and we try to make appropriate accommodations during training. During our inaugural season we had a boys doubles team that competed in local tournaments

Boys Hardcourt Team

Silver State is hoping to eventually have a boys volleyball team, but we have not had enough participants. Please shoot us an email with your contact info if you are interested in joining a starting a boys team.

Boy's Training

Boys are welcome to participate in the Silver State Volleyball Academy year round training program which takes place Mondays and Wednesday from 4:00pm-5:30pm in Reno and Carson. Click here for more info